Tag: Wooden Paddle

Spanked By His Young Wife

Sheila was fed up with her lazy husband staying in bed till the afternoon each day.  It was time to put a stop to it. A good strapping on his bare arse and the paddle across his cock should do the trick.



Paddling The Intern

Lux began her career as Alex’s PA as a paid intern. Charged by her boss with recruiting a new intern, she writes an advertisement proposing the position be unpaid. This does not go down well the ethically minded Alex, who decides that Lux needs to be reminded of where she came from. Lux has always wondered why Alex kept a wooden spanking paddle in her office… now she knows!

Head Girl Spanks Him

Miss Lina relives her time as a vigilant head girl who used a firm hand for spanking and firmer paddling as discipline for rowdy schoolboys.

Our beautiful but strict ladies know just how to deal with naughty boys. Cross the line with them, talk back or be disrespectful and there’s only one place you’re going, over the knee! Hairbrushes, paddles, straps, belts and canes. Nothing is out of the question when it comes to dishing out old-fashioned well-deserved domestic discipline.

Strict British Women spanking in domestic settings!