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Lady Seductress – Curvaceous and in Control

Lady Seductress presents a dangerous mix: an ideal pin-up figure combined with an authoritative voice and the manner of a woman very much in control. This cocktail of femininity and firmness seems to have a fascinating effect upon men. She is a very hard woman to resist, and she knows it. She has recently been in the Femme Fatale studios so you can look forward to seeing her work.

Mistress Heather Divine

I must say I am enchanted by how Mistress Heather’s intense cruelty only serves to enhance her beauty. Men who gaze upon her can’t help but wish to be her slave – yet how many have what it takes? The divine Mistress Heather decides a real session of slave testing is in order. 

Eleise de Lacy PVC Mistress

The infamous Mistress Eleise, London Dominatrix, jet-set Femme Fatale and former resident Domina of The English Mansion.  

Mistress Eleise had decided her two slaves will be nothing more than objects for her: one a carpet for her feet, the other an ashtray.