My dear departed grandmother always said you learn something new every day and today I learnt something new. I was looking to purchase some white mailmiser envelopes on Amazon and spent time searching for the size I wanted which was 240 x 340mm. When I found what I wanted, I checked the listing, the title of the listing showed the size 240 x 340mm and further down the page the description showed the same dimensions so I ordered ten boxes of fifty. When they arrived I was very pleased with what I received, that is until I went to the post office to do my daily post. The outer dimensions of the envelope was 270 x 340mm meaning that it the size is not a large letter; it is a small package.  Querying this with Amazon a member of their customer service team informed me that if I clicked on “product info” that opened up more information I would see that the outer dimension was in fact 270mm.

Well excuse me, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to think the dimensions shown are the outer dimensions and I certainly don’t think I should have to hunt to find the correct dimensions. Feeling some what aggrieved I opened an A-Z claim, something I don’t like doing. After a while I thought about the situation and decided to call the company I purchased from directly and explain the situation.  I spoke to a very nice lady who was very helpful and she said she would resolve the problem which for all purposes she has.  She did however inform me that someone in her company told her that it is industry standard for envelope dimensions to be shown as inner dimensions and that prior to this she didn’t know that. This coming from a person who works for an office supply company so if she didn’t know about the sizing what chance does someone like me have.

It doesn’t seem unreasonable to expect that Amazon should show the inner and outer dimensions of these products as I am sure that I am not the first person to be caught out and I am sure I won’t be the last. So get your act together Amazon and be more informative about the products being sold!