Originally Posted: 19th November 2012

It’s always a pleasure to meet new people especially females who work in the industry and Ms Red is no exception. One of Bruce Springsteen’s songs tells of how it takes a redheaded woman to get a dirty job done and after viewing Ms Red’s website that is certainly a true statement. If you haven’t seen the site you should get over to www.red-xxx.com and see what you are missing. I’m not saying whether I’ve ever got down on my knees and tasted a redheaded women or had my tires rotated by one but I have known a few in my time… Haven’t I – Sweet Submission…

Red Mistress the webs hottest Red Head

On a tangent… I’ve been looking to get hold of tickets to the London Erotica exhibition only to find out that it isn’t on this year. To be honest that really doesn’t surprise me as it was becoming nothing more than an over-priced fetish market. Not only were tickets costing an arm an a leg a few years back I paid almost eight quid for a jacket potato with hardly any topping. Now as those who know me will confirm I’m not a cheapskate in fact I’m frequently castigated for spending to much. As a colleague some years back told me, I don’t mind looking a c**t it’s when I feel a c**t I feel a c**t. And that’s how I felt. Maybe it’s good the curtain has finally closed on the rip off event.