The Wooden Hairbrush

Pixie can’t talk her way out of her punishment for shoplifting with Angelina. Veronica gives her a severe spanking with a wooden hairbrush delivered straight to the bare. Pixie’s bottom turns a deep crimson after a ferocious bare bottom spanking and severe hairbrush punishment which brings her close to tears! Perhaps this time Pixie will really learn that stealing is wrong! Though I hope she doesn’t as Pixie has one of the sexiest thrashed bottoms on the planet!

Warning: Contains arousing scenes of one of the most consistently cute girls to get her bare bottom spanked! Do not try this at home without protective steel undergarments

Punished Brats includes some of the cutest girls to bare their bottoms for all manner of corrective therapies as they attempt to foolishly brat their way out of the spankings they are given. Warning: Addictive viewing! CLICK HERE for more FREE Movie Samples