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Plugged and Spanked

Kiki is looking forlorn, told to undress and lube the wide, pink buttplug on the table ready for us to watch her slowly ease it in, inch by inch until it fills her tight hole completely. Now spread on all fours over the couch, Kiki is well aware that we can see everything, including her snug plug firmly in place. At last, now the spanking can begin! For Kiki, the sensation of being spanked hard in this position, as her butt cheeks clench to the painful smacks, overwhelmingly humiliates her. By the time the spanking is over, poor Kiki’s bottom is a burning red as she is told to hold open her butt cheeks wide and to keep that position for five minutes. This is so we can take our time to enjoy the sight of a thoroughly embarrassed young lady exposed and punished for our viewing pleasure!



Butt Plug Spanking

Claire Dames did not plan on losing a coin toss. That meant she would be taking anal sex from her first client. After an old fashioned spanking the naked babe is anchored with a buttplug by Clare. A taste of things to come.

Mistress R’eal Legendary Goddess

Mistress R’eal is, of course, hardly new to Femdom, having been a star of Cruella during their golden age, as well as a longtime real-life player.

The first photos (above) are taken from the film Figging. Only a fool would refuse Mistress R’eal anything, particularly when she is dressed head-to-toe in in black leather, which clings to her legendary curves. Still, this slave can’t even get boot worship right. His punishment is classic Ms R’eal. He has his arse abused with a ginger root, is given a beating, and feels the sharp edge of Mistress’ tongue, all delivered with Mistress R’eal’s trademark self-assurance and implacability.

Gimp Sack shows another side of Mistress R’eal, in a film destined to drive latex fetishists wild. Poured into the tightest latex minidress, Ms R’eal ruthlessly teases her slave, who is trapped in a latex body bag. She glides over him, latex over latex, then writhes her naked sex all over him as he strains helplessly for the release he will never get. Don’t let her soft cooing and the fleeting contact fool you. She takes her pleasure by denying him his. His balls are going to be bluer than her dress!

Dirty Fuck Slut Slave sees Mistress R’eal form a truly dangerous duo with her comrade, Femme Fatale Mistress Athena. Both armed with strap-ons, these experienced Mistresses turn their helpless slave into a filthy, degraded fuck slut. He must gag on their cocks before being spit-roasted and made to squeal like a pig, proving to the world he’s been turned into a shameless anal whore. There’s no going back from that! I’m sure the ladies will be making good use of this slut from now on.