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Outdoor Detention

Faerie Willow and cheeky Miss Portia are 2 poorly behaved young ladies who have given the teaching staff at St. Dunstans Catholic School a rather tiresome day, punishing them for all manner of infractions. The girls’ latest escapade got them thrown out of Gym Class… Miss Matthews told them to wait outside their dormitory block after school for a special outdoor detention punishment. They are found slacking, on their phones, drinking tea, and showing no sign of remorse. This infuriates Miss Matthews who takes each girl in turn over the bench to give them a thorough hand spanking and scolding.

They must watch each other take a hand spanking and a mean, leather paddling across their already sore aching cheeks. Their embarrassment is complete when they must look into each other’s eyes on the bench and watch as they are being thrashed with the leather implement before the final humiliation. The last act was receiving 6 very hard strokes of the cane which had both girls yelping and feeling very sorry for themselves!

6th September 2021 Update

The above picture is Sam Johnson in a still from the Top Marks Video Mistress Samantha’s Correction Academy for Errant Males

Today’s update is more Fem Dom from my friends at Femme Fatale Films, The english Mansion and The English Governess. If Female domination isn’t your thing don’t fret as there will be more classic spanking galleries added soon.

Used to Amuse

Used to Amuse


Used to Amuse: A slave is taken naked into the grounds of the vast English Mansion’s estate. Two Mistresses, one being Mistress Sidonia herself use and abuse the naked wretch for their pleasure. Strapping his balls to a leash and tugging sharply on it causing much pain is such fun it seems.

Get Licking

Get Licking




Get licking: One of the duties of Mistress Sidonia’s slaves is pleasuring her by licking her pussy. If she is not satisfied a severe whipping is bound to be the consequence.

Suspended for Their Fun

Suspended for Their Fun





Suspended for Their Fun: The title says it all. When a slave is hung and helpless it’s a sure thing his cock and balls will suffer painfully.

Fatale Femmes

Fatale Femmes





Femme Fatales: Mistress Sidonia and Nina Birch have their collared slave at their mercy, naked, collared and very vulnerable.





A severe bare bottom strapping from Miss Kenworthy of The English Governess Leaves You Begging For Mercy!

The English Governess is all about discipline and corporal punishment of males. Miss Kenworthy certainly dishes out some painful correction with a thick leather strap leaving the punishes bottom deep red and no doubt very sore.



Worship Goddess Heather Divine's Boots

Worship Goddess Heather Divine’s Boot

On your knees slave and crawl beneath Goddess Heather Divine’s table. From now on this will be your life. You will gaze adoringly upon her boots. You will clean them, lick them, eat from them, and she will punish you with them whenever she feels the urge.

This gallery features Goddess Heather Divine, owner of the remarkable Fem Dom website Femme Fatale Films. Many submissive males enjoy licking and worshipping their Mistresses’ boots. If you’re one of them I’m sure you will enjoy this photo set and the accompanying video.


Alfresco Caning

Redstripe Films and Spanking Mansion spanking, caning, paddling and discipline of young girls, schoolgirls and mature ladies being spanked and caned on their bare bottom. Relentless punishment in the form of bare bottom hand spanking, the paddle, the cane the birch and the strap.