December 2012

21st December 2012

Today is the day that the world according to the Mayans is supposed to end. Well it’s late in the evening so if it doesn’t come soon it ain’t gonna happen. It tickles me pink to think of the dim witted buggers who are waiting by the Pic de Bugarach for an Alien spacecraft to rescue them while I sit at home nice and snug with a chilled bottle of Moet. In the words of Harry Enfield ‘Nice but dim Couldn’t have put it better myself.

On a tangent it’s been a wonderful year, a fruitful year and a better one I couldn’t have wished for. So I think it befitting to post a message and offer thanks to many jealous arse holes that managed to get me in a deep shit in my previous place of employment with a photo that I posted on my blog on the website.

Jealousy is an evil thing and I truly believe in Karma, everything comes to he who waits, three in the bush, Fred’s underpants and the like. Some people enjoyed being on the band wagon, one telling stories of how her boyfriend used to chase her round the bedroom with a whip and who she would like to spend a few more days with. She who wanted to make a few quid on the side by being a Mistress. Ha ha! If I didn’t like the song ‘Room’s On Fire” so much I would dedicate it to her though on reflection perhaps Alice Cooper’s ”Poison” or Sid Vicious’ version of ”My Way” is more apt.  Or the B side of Peter Sarstedt’s ”Where Do You Go To” which has the delightful line in it ”Come home to some poxy hag, just like you an Aretusa Loser”.

Now that my vent is almost  complete I’d like to let the sad bastards know that the lady in the photo was actually Teresa May,  my closest and dearest friend and much more. The said photo was a bit of harmless fun between friends and nothing more. Sadly the perverse and twisted minds of the jealous ones couldn’t see the innocence; all they saw was filth. Isn’t it surprising what evil warped minds can concoct but then again when the green-eyed monster rears its ugly head I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at all. Happy Christmas.

19th December 2012

One thing I like about being in the adult industry is making new friends, especially pretty female ones. I’ve known Saffy for a few years now and she is a remarkably sexy lady. Had I known her when I was making spanking videos I would have hired her like a shot. Spanking isn’t all this hot girl is into though as she is very much into bondage, lesbian sex and loves nothing more than submitting her naked body to a dominant alpha male. One thing I adore about this gorgeous lady is she isn’t a taker and has helped me out on numerous occasions which is why I am more than happy to host her images.

16th December 2012

It seems that good news is always followed by bad news. Yesterday was one of my daughter’s birthday and I had a wonderful time with her and her family Today I received a message from Josie Harrison Marks of Kane Magazine telling me that Peter Hooper AKA Gramps passed away last Wednesday. Peter featured in the Top Marks video The Games Schoolgirls play and a few others, he also did some shoots for Jane and I when we had our websites and also for the Kane website.

Peter came to every one of the Kane and KaraJayne spanking parties and was known to and loved by many. He was a very generous person, too generous in fact and many’s the time he treated me and many others to breakfast before a spanking party. R.I.P Peter, I hope you are enjoying yourself with a bevvy of gorgeous spankable bottoms in that big spanking party in the sky.

12th December 2012

Christmas day is only thirteen days away as is my birthday so the 25th is a very special day for me and I intend to make the day a spanking good one.

It’s been quite sometime since I attended a spanking party let alone a Christmas spanking party but I do have fond memories of the ones I used to organise for Kane along with the KaraJayne Academy. Decorating the bare cute bottom of a pretty girl a seasonal shade of red along with a few raised stripes is a delightful pastime and one that I truly recommend. Nothing beats ‘excuse the pun’ of having a feminine bare bottom draped across your lap spanking it with your right hand and sipping from a chilled glass of Moet held in your left. With that though in mind I shall raise my glass and toast all of the ladies whose bare bottoms I have spanked and warmed over the years. Seasons Beatings to all of you.

4th December 2012

Many years ago a female friend of mine told me that many models who are blonde and beautiful have been spoilt from a very young age and always get what they want. Having been in the industry for many years I should have realiseKane girl Sam Johnson before being canedd that her words were true but like the majority of men I have been taken in by womanly charms and looks. My female friend was indeed right and it’s been proved to me many times so in future it will be a case of…”Beware the devil woman”!

Vent over… Here’s a picture of the gorgeous Sam Johnson who certainly doesn’t fall in to the above about to be spanked.

3rd December 2012

Oh my it’s December and that special day is not far away. I have been busy with the preparations for the festivity such as erecting the Christmas tree and putting up various What has Lucy Bailey got in her Kane Christmas stockingChristmas lights and finishing of my Christmas shopping which seems never ending. One of my daughter’s has her birthday in December which adds to the expense, but hey, who cares everyone is happy and getting in to the mood of the season. While taking out my Christmas decorations I came upon two soft toys which were used in a shoot with the gorgeous Lucy Bailey so I thought it apt to add a bit of seasonal spice to my blog. Enjoy.