This is a personal website for me Cliff James to share my thoughts interests loves and hates along with the things that contribute to my life and make me the person I am. It is also to showcase my photographic work that was shown on my previous website which has been closed thanks to my hosting company TSOhosts thoughtlessly terminating the template based website packages.

Why is my website called TeaseToPlease? It’s a long story and involves a young lady called Melanie Walsh or at least someone pretending to be her. Was it really Melanie Walsh the glamour model I was speaking to? That I will never know though whoever the person was did me a favour by pointing me in the right direction giving me the inspiration that brought me to a place in my life. A place I never envisaged I would be. I guess you could say I went all the way “Jay”. As Roger Daltrey sang… Who are you… Who the f*ck are you?



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