A Wakeup Call For Sunflower
Sunflower has been sent to stay with her Step Aunt and Step Uncle. When she arrives the rules are explained to her, she listens and then promptly decides to totally ignore them! Unfortunately for Sunflower both Step Aunt and Uncle believe in the use of corporal punishment for wayward young ladies. Sunflower is dragged down the stairs in her pyjamas when her Step Aunt finds her playing with her vibrator.

Step Uncle watches as Sunflower gets her first ever spanking over the knee before being stood up, legs spread to receive a good hard dose of the nasty leather paddle. Sunflower is soon regretting misbehaving at her Step Aunt’s and Uncle’s house. She has already been spanked and paddled and now she is going to be strapped and caned. Poor Sunflower has little choice but to comply and this is made all the more embarrassing by the fact that her punishment is to be given in the nude whilst her Step Uncle looks on.

Legs spread as wide as possible, the heavy strap bites her tender skin before a good hard caning is given. She is left welted and sore and made to use her vibrio whilst her Guardians look on.

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