Harley’s Predicament Spanking – The PaddlingFree Spanking VideoHarley looks worried and nervous, and she is, but Dan can also tell from her previous spanking that Harley has been getting genuinely turned on from the pain of the spankings, the humiliation and embarrassment as well!

Dan never really liked Harley, she was sassy and a thorn in his side, however he becomes more intrigued with Harley the more that he puts her through. Harley agreed to take regular spankings so Dan would keep her misbehaving ways a secret. The smacks are fast and furious, quickly coloring Harley’s bare cheeks. Harley half regrets messing up. She’s half thrilled that she’s finally getting the naked discipline that she’s been craving for a long time.

Dan switches back and forth between his hand and a stiff leather paddle, all the while Harley becomes more and more wet as she slips into the obedient role that she is now beginning to accept. It appears that Dan will be punishing Harley long into the foreseeable future. As for Harley, she starts to understand that her new life taking regular spanking punishments has just begun!

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Mr. Barton strips her of her head girl status and administers a long hard spanking strapping and caning to her bare backside.

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