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Melissa felt a sense of dread as her husband escorted her to his study, her pulse racing as she thought of the severe punishment she knew she was about to receive. She had already been warned twice before; twice she had been caught in revealing, lewd positions, daringly exposing her arsehole and pussy, and now her husband had finally decided that enough was enough.

He seated her in a tall wooden chair and told her to stay put – then he retrieved the dreaded instrument of punishment, the triple tailed leather tawse. Melissa couldn’t help but feel a mournful dread as she eyed the implement. She had been warned that if she violated his wishes a third time, she’d get a punishment unlike any before.

Lifting her skirts, her husband bared her bottom and ordered her to grab her ankles. She was then subjected to the hard bare bottom strapping with the triple tailed leather tawse. Melissa could hardly keep back tears as her skin stung from the punishing leather.

It took all of her strength not to cry out – to show her husband that she accepted the punishment – and finally after what seemed like an eternity, he put away the tawse and signaled for her to stand up.

Melissa felt her skin burning and her heart racing as she slowly rose to her feet. Her husband put his arms around her and pulled her into an embrace, telling her that it was a lesson well learned; that she should never again defy him.

Melissa knew that she would never forget this moment; that it had taught her a lesson even stronger than the pain. From then on, Melissa was sure to follow her husband’s orders and to never again cross that line.

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