November 2012

21st November 2012

Today I decided to take a break from real web-work and spend sometime adding a spanking picture gallery to my site of assorted spanking pictures just for the hell of it. While working my way through my archives I came upon a photo set that I did with girl called Jane who I used to do the website with. This particular set brought back memories of the fun and games we used to have while shooting.

We had decided to take a short break. Jane and I were in the Marc drinks the cigerette ash laced coffeeJane made for himkitchen. While making coffee Jane thought it would be funny to lace Marc’s with cigarette ash and not tell him until after he had drank it. Wickedly she did and the poor sod did drink it. Jane soon broke into fits of laughter and confessed to what she had done. Marc, although seeing the funny side immediately picked up a well used tawse and began whacking Jane’s bum vigorously. Coffee break over and back to work.. It’s a hard life at times.

20th November 2012

This coming Thursday are holding a spanking party close to Kings Cross to help raise funds for one of the girls, Donna, who I worked with many times and is sadly suffering from Hodgkin’s lymphoma. If you would like to attend and spank and cane  many gorgeous girls you can email Dublin O’Brien at or give her a call on 07871 446 693 for more info. Please let her know where you found her details.

19th November 2012Red Mistress the webs hottest Red Head

It’s always a pleasure to meet new people especially females who work in the industry and Ms Red is no exception. One of Bruce Springsteen’s songs tells of how it takes a redheaded woman to get a dirty job done and after viewing Ms Red’s website that is certainly a true statement. If you haven’t seen the site you should get over to and see what you are missing . I’m not saying whether I’ve ever got down on my knees and tasted a redheaded women or had my tires rotated by one but I have known a few in my time… Haven’t I – Sweet Submission…

On a tangent… I’ve been looking to get hold of tickets to the London Erotica exhibition only to find out that it isn’t on this year. To be honest that really doesn’t surprise me as it was becoming nothing more than an over-priced fetish market. Not only were tickets costing an arm an a leg a few years back I paid almost eight quid for a jacket potato with hardly any topping. Now as those who know me will confirm I’m not a cheapskate in fact I’m frequently castigated for spending to much. As a colleague some years back told me, I don’t mind looking a c**t it’s when I feel a c**t I feel a c**t. And that’s how I was feeling. Maybe it’s good the curtain has finally closed on the rip off event.

15th November 2012

ToMiss Harrison Marks getting down on her birthdayday is the birthday of my good Kane model Sue Ellis with a well caned and stripey bumfriend Ms Harrison Marks of Kane Magazine, so here’s wishing you a wonderful birthday. It’s expected to be said a spanking good one Princess.  Bet you have a hangover tomorrow. Luv ya x

Not only is today Josie Harrison Marks birthday she also shares her birthday with Sue Ellis who appeared in Kane Magazine and Many Kane Videos so happy birthday to you as well Susan wherever you are.

13th November 2012

Today I’m going to vent my feelings towards a particular woman (Mistress) who I find rather pretentious. I’m not a submissive person; quite the opposite in fact. I know many women who are professional Mistresses, Dominatrices call them what you will who I have met through the industry and who have remained good friends or just acquaintances. A professional Mistress by nature of her profession will take all she can from a male (slave.  As soon as he has nothing left to offer, no cash no lavish gifts or services such as cleaning her home or being her chauffeur she won’t give him the time of day.  Though if you are a submissive male and visit a pro domme this is par for the course and to be expected.
Being in the industry I have approached many females with business propositions; some have said yes and some no. Either way it’s not a problem for me though what does cheese me off is women, and there has been one recently who thinks she is the Queen of Sheba. Yes my dear, you are gorgeous and you do have men falling at your feet wanting to serve and to give you all their worldly possessions but I’m not one of them and never will be. So show a little respect as you will reap what you sow.  The above comments are not directed towards Mistress Red or Mistress Teresa May who of course are ”normal” people.

10th November 2012

As readers of Kane will know the magazine mainly features women being spanked by men though there have been occasions when a masculine bare bottom has been reddened with a firm female hand or cane. Lauren Taylor first featured in the Kane video ‘Lottery Loser” where she had her bare buttocks soundly walloped though at the end of the video the tables were turned and she showed her true colours by really laying into poor Gavin’s bare arse.

When Lauren did an interview for Kane she explained how she had worked as a professional Mistress and how much she had enjoyed her work  so we thought it would be a good idea to do a shoot with her showing her as she really is. I think you’ll agree by the state of the poor man’s bottom that she really did enjoy her work.

8th November 2012

Yesterday I took delivery of a batch of Blushes spanking magazines for my Margaret on the cover of Kane 85website website that included a copy of Blushes number two and some latter copies of Kane including a copy of Kane’s 100th anniversary edition. While adding these to my online shop I looked at the covers that I had taken for Kane during my time with Josie. One that caught my eye was Kane number 85 that has a cover of a very strict looking mature woman posing with a cane. The lady in question Margaret and her husband Tony who’s life style included much corporal punishment though it was Tony who was frequently caned on his bare bottom.

5th November 2012

Recently I purchased a spanking enLynn Paula Russellthusiasts collection of magazines to resell which included many copies of Janus. While flicking through them I was shocked to find an article that mention ed a particular character who I personally knew had died which made me think it a good idea to check up on friends and acquaintances that I have made through being in the spanking scene. One person in particular that I have known for quite some time is the talented artist Lynn Paula Russell.

I first came upon Paula when she illustrated Janus. As other admirers of Paula’s work will know she not only illustrated Janus’ sister magazine Februs she also edited it  and also contributed to the short lived Fessee magazine. However, there is much more to this talented lady that spanking illustrations. Hanging on the wall of my new office is a framed picture of a ‘Bodyscape’  which is far away from the world of spanking and shows how versatile Paula is.

Paula has many samples of her work on her own website  along with a shop where you can buy prints and downloads, she is also selling many pieces of her original spanking artwork at an online gallery called Talisman Fine Art The site isn’t the easiest to navigate and you need to email them to ask what is for sale.