The poor suffering girl is subjected to a harsh paddling with her legs up over her head displaying her womanly charms vulgarly to her tormentor

This is quite the month for stunning newcomers! Please welcome Lexi Holland to our network of sites, she stars in an amazing debut performance and we feel honored to showcase her talents before she becomes a household spanko name. She has only appeared at the Clare Fonda sites network, to date, as The Cameraman let us know just how good she is! Lexi has that perfect ‘girl next door’ look and has quickly taken the LA scene by storm.

We have invited her to her first-ever national party (The Lonestar Spanking Party in Houston, TX) where you are going to be able to see a lot more of her soon as she has proved popular booking with other attending producers. What better way to introduce Lexi than with our ever-popular ‘Positions’ series… Allowing young ladies to be spanked for the sake of it without worrying about roleplay scenarios, concentrating on the business at hand.

Lexi is dressed provocatively in sexy lingerie and, as always, is draped over her spanker’s lap (Sarah Gregory) for an over-the-knee spanking. Camera angles fully use her long legs and flowing hair as she takes a wonderful sensual spanking. The second position is the ‘Wheelbarrow’ which we are famed for and the spankings continue reddening her cute bubble butt as you witness every aspect of this intimate position.

Finally, bent over on all fours, Lexi is bared and exposed, vulnerable to the leather paddle and belt as well as Sarah’s hard hand for the finale. What a spectacle it is to watch Lexi receive a sensual hand spanking, then placed in the intimate wheelbarrow… With a more challenging strapping punishment ending. You’re welcome!

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