Once upon a time somewhere in the United States of America lived a girl called Diane Marie Lucci. Most of her time was spent online on websites such as myspace. Portraying herself as a submissive woman looking for a Master. Although she wanted a herculean man to collar her so she could serve his every whim, be used as a sex toy and punished harshly she wanted to remain anonymous. To hide herself away in her own world of dark fantasy and desire she used the image of a soap opera TV star as her profile picture. To add to her web of deceit and to make her profile look authentic she stole and posted lots of pictures of the same soap opera star.

Diane, living in a world of fantasy had a Master. A Master who professed to live in a medieval castle that stood precariously on top of a huge rock face. In her world of delusion he gave her tasks to do though what these tasks were and did she do them who knows.

I was told cheats never prosper and liars are always found out and their lies revealed. Diane, or whoever she is in reality was also found out. Her online Master who lived in the castle on the hill stumbled across the soap opera star’s own website. His “submissive” was a faker. He had been duped.

Is there a moral to my missive? Yes there is, and it is one that everyone who plays or talks online should realise. The person you are talking to online is more than likely fake. If you’re talking with a pretty girl she’s probably a man or an old hag. If you’re a woman looking for your prince charming or knight in shining armour he’s probably a scammer. A toad, seeking to con you out of your hard earned cash.

Diane Marie Lucci “submissive” was a real person that I know for sure and I have to wonder what  she is doing these days… That’s My Goal.