Vida Garman

It seems only yesterday that I used to purchase a copy of the Daily Sport newspaper, if you can call it that, on my way to work at Heathrow Airport back in the late 80s and nineties. I used to buy the Sport newspaper regularly though not for the Sport of course but for the sexy girls that used to grace the pages in glorious colour. One of these girls was so beautiful she was a true heart-breaker, her name was Vida Garman, and she was the main reason of my daily purchase.

I always hoped that one day I would meet her but in my heart I knew that day would never come but to my surprise it did, at the London Erotica Exhibition. When I met her I was surprised at how petite she was, she looked like a delicate piece of sculptured porcelain and was as beautiful, if not more so, if that is possible, in the flesh, as she was in the glossy magazines and Daily Sport.

Over the years and because of my work with Kane I have met and remained friends with many models including Teresa May who holds a special place in my heart. It’s pleasing to see that Vida has returned to the world of glamour as she remains as beautiful as back in her heyday. If you don’t believe me take a look at her Only Fans page and see for yourself.  Welcome back Vida, you were greatly missed.

If you’re a fan of the beautiful Vida you can follow her on twitter @GarmanVida