Amanda is in love with a boy and decides to enlist the help of the occult to find out if he feels the samey. She sneaks into a derelict building and sets up her Ouija board, lights her candles for ambience and moves the planchet across the board as instructed. Mr. Wakefield, who owns the property, has popped to survey the building ready for selling it. He walks in to discover Amanda dabbling with witchcraft and is shocked and appalled at what young people are getting up to these days! He threatens to tell her parents, and the Police… or he can administer a suitable punishment himself.

He orders her to strip to her French knickers and face the barred window. He takes a flogger, which Amanda had brought from home. (She had found it in her parent’s bedroom and thought it was for swatting flies which may come in handy in a smelly old rotting building!); and begins to flog her naked back and bottom over and over again until it is raw and crimson until she can take no more. Poor Amanda never thought she would be the starring guest in a real witch hunt!