Dolly Spanked & Slut Shamed By Dad

Dolly’s stepdad agrees to drive her safely to her friends and he calls for her to hurry up. She turns up dressed in very skimpy and highly inappropriate clothing that leaves nothing to the imagination. The flimsy short skirt is appalling, he notes, hiding absolutely nothing. Even the recent marks from a spanking punishment on the backs of her thighs are evident and when asked if she has no shame her response is to smirk!

He immediately grounds her and then takes her over his lap but this time he is incensed that she has learned nothing! This is a brutal scolding punishment which is deeply humiliating, and before she has time to answer back, he slaps her face to focus her. Dolly’s panties are wedgied before he decides that they should be ripped off rather than pulled down. The poor girl doesn’t know what is coming next, she has never seen her stepdaddy so angry with her and he continues to spank her bare bottom.

The spankings continue with a heavy wooden hairbrush, whacking her behind without mercy! She yelps and pleads that she’ll be good but he isn’t interested in the lies and deceitful behavior that she has displayed again and again… This will be a discipline that she will remember! Dolly has her legs crudely spread and he mocks her further, using a leather strap that again has her begging and promising to be better.

To ensure that she remembers this lesson stepdaddy belittles her more, making her feel small and he then uses her cheap nasty lipstick to write several offensive remarks, spelling ‘S L U T’ and other words to remind her what she is! This is a special custom film with a difference that only an excellent performer like Dolly could portray!

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