Performers: Pandora Blake, Clara Hewitt, Faerie Willow

Finishing school tearaways Pandora and Willow are in trouble again – and they won’t get off lightly this time. Clearly their bottoms have been numbed by the many canings they’ve earned, and something a little different is called for. Headmistress Hewitt has a new idea: perhaps her tawse could be of use?

Neither girl has been subjected to the leather before, nor to a beating taken on their hands or thighs. Willow stands beautifully for her four agonising strokes, two to each palm, as Pandora watches in dismay – would the thighs have been a less difficult choice? The girls soon learn that neither is the easy option, as Pandora is made to bend over the Headmistress’s couch and subjected to six firm hits on bare, unbeaten skin.

When it’s finally over the friends are left to comfort each other, inspecting their angry welts and smarting flesh. They do seem to have learned their lesson – after all, they won’t want to deal with this again any time soon!

Pandora Blake and Faerie Willow are young ladies at a prestigious finishing school, but they’ve behaved in a manner unbecoming - leaving Headmistress Clara Hewitt to deal with their punishment yet again!
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