Tag: Slipper

Maintaining Discipline

Headmaster Mike Pain runs a very traditional school. Students are kept in line using strict, firm corporal punishment. New teacher Pandora Blake has never given a beating before, but as she bubbles with curiosity (and perhaps a hint of desire?) Mr Pain offers to let her practice on him. He bends over the desk to let Pandora beat his bare bottom with the slipper and the ruler. But is there more to this than just a lesson?



No More Than She Deserves

That girl of mine had been causing trouble all week and I’d finally had enough. I sat down and told her to fetch the slipper. “You’re going over my knee for the spanking of your life, girl” I told her. Over she went and I put the slipper on her back because she knows if she squirms and it falls off she’ll get a slippering to remember. Down came her flimsy panties. “Bad girls get spanked on their bare bottoms” I reminded her as I spanked her as hard as I could. “PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE”, she pleaded but I kept raining down spanks on her bottom. Then I reached for the slipper and her bottom went bright crimson. She was still tearfully pleading for me to stop but I carried on. I made her stand, blubbing, hands on head, facing the wall until her Dad got home. Then she’d be for it…