These are free images from Cliff James, featuring a spanking and caning scenes featuring Helen, Josie Harrison Marks, Peter Hooper, and Steve Bickers

One day at the Kane office Josie told me she had been approached by a woman who was intrigued by the thought of being spanked and caned and could she help. I suggested that this would be a good opportunity to have a new face, and bottom in the magazine and so Helen was booked. We did five separate sets that day with Steve Bickers who thoroughly enjoyed spanking and caning Helen’s voluptuous bottom, Peter Hooper aka Grandpa. I even got Josie to do some spanking which she thoroughly enjoyed. Sadly though when the days shooting was over Helen confessed that having her bare bottom spanked and caned wasn’t as enjoyable as she thought it would be, in fact she hated it.

Vintage Spanking Magazines

The plots were:

Maid Helen brought served Josie a cup of stone cold cup of tea with her breakfast

Pete Hooper’s granddaughter had tacked up a huge phone bill that he couldn’t afford to pay

Josie’s Bedroom hadn’t been cleaning to her satisfaction. Poor Helen got walloped by both of them.

Steve’s wife had been caught looking at pictures of women being spanked on a spanking forum website. Helen’s excuse was that she was intrigued and wondered what it felt like to be spanked and caned! She soon found out.

Steve’s found out his new girlfriend was a prick teaser, after leading him on she wouldn’t have sex with him