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Provocatrice Punished

Apricot has disgraced her parents by flashing and showing far too much in public now that she is legally allowed to walk the floor of the hotel’s casino on her 21st birthday. This was supposed to be a family celebration but instead, Apricot has ruined that by being a little slut and upsetting her mom who is in tears at the security office. She has been sent to their suite where dad joins her to deal with this problem. Apricot’s lewd behavior could have attracted the wrong type of unwanted attention and now she receives the attention of dad’s hard hand as she is spanked like a little girl once more. She is reminded that spankings were always carried out on the bare, and the school uniform that she had put on (to attract even more attention from male admirers) is disheveled as her regulation knickers are quickly removed and her cheeks spanked red. There’s one final surprise for Apricot, as a leather strap mistakenly packed for one of Dad’s belts is used across her bare, quivering, exposed bottom as the leather swats reign down burning fire on her sore behind! Apricot is left to reflect on her behavior and for ruining her family’s special day by being a lewd provocative slut!



Sam Johnson’s Hard Punishment Caning

Sam Johnson’s Hard Punishment Caning

Part Three of Sam Johnson Meets The Punishment Man

Featuring Sam Johnson and Master Kain as the Punishment Man

After being soundly whipped across her bare backside with an evil and very painful martinet Sam is paddled harshly before being severely caned

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Sue Ellis – The seance

Georges Gullible Girls – The Seance

Featuring Sue Ellis and Kelly Hearn

This is the first Kane Video produced after the sad loss of Kane’s founder George Harrison Marks. Although the video is fiction it can honestly be said that George was present at the filming as some very strange things happened. For instance, expensive video lights came crashing down for no apparent or logical reason which those present at the making will no doubt agree.

* * * * *

Kelly and Sue decided to hold a seance and try and contact the other side. “It’s George”, she said to Sue. “It’s George and he is telling me lots about you and your past, and how much he enjoyed spanking you. In fact, before he crosses to the other side completely he wanted to see you get a spanking saying, “I’m to give it to you.” Although sceptical, reluctantly Sue agrees and suffers a hand spanking, flogging with a martinet a paddling and finally a dose of whippy rattan cane on her voluptuous bare backside.

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