Originally Posted 4th November 2013

Bring Back the Birch

The inmates are revolting! Well yes, they probably are but I mean revolting as in rioting which they have been doing in two of HMPs over the weekend. You don’t read in the news of riots taking place in Russian, Turkish or Iranian prisons as the punishment for doing so would be something horrendous even as much as loss of life.

I’m not advocating that prisoners who riot in UK jails should be executed but there should be a severe enough punishment to dissuade such actions. Perhaps the birch should be brought back along with the cat o’nine tails and rioters given a flogging on their bare behind and back and not by a good looking and sexy wardress which some of them may enjoy but by a burly masculine warden. Sadly though our namby pamby politicians and the non elected bureaucrats in Brussels do nothing but bleat about human rights for these vermin of society. Where did it all go wrong?