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The Wrong Room

Two Victorian wenches are spanked and punished in this lush period piece starring Pandora Blake, Leia Ann Woods and Thomas Cameron. Come for the riding crop, stay for the chemistry!

Leia-Ann Woods, Pandora Blake, Thomas Cameron

Mistress Talia lane checked into Pandora Blake’s erotic massage parlour in part I, and now that her bottom has been thoroughly warmed it’s time for part II: a sensual, sharp flogging over Talia’s back and naked bottom.

Caned in the Parlour

Pandora Blake must have been very naughty to get such a humiliating punishment. Summoned to the parlour, Thomas Cameron makes her lift her skirts and bend over for a caning. The first strokes land hard on her bottom, stinging through her white knickers.

To focus her mind on the punishment, Thomas orders her to take off her shift dress and take the rest of the punishment topless. Stripped and humiliated, Pandora places her hands on the mantelpiece and gets ready for the next hard cane strokes.

This gorgeous topless caning photoset shows Pandora gasping and flinching as she’s caned hard, before standing meek and apologetic as she reflects on her behaviour.

Sam Johnson’s Hard Punishment Caning

Sam Johnson’s Hard Punishment Caning

Part Three of Sam Johnson Meets The Punishment Man

Featuring Sam Johnson and Master Kain as the Punishment Man

After being soundly whipped across her bare backside with an evil and very painful martinet Sam is paddled harshly before being severely caned

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