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A Red Day

Originally Posted 1st November 2014

Those who read my blog and follow me on twitter will know I have a rather strong liking of Redheads and one of my favourites is Red-XXX who can be found on twitter here @red_mistress

I had been hoping to meet this glamorous woman for quite some time so you can imagine my delight when I received a text message from her saying that she would be in London on the 31st and that we could meet late in the afternoon for drinks. We arranged to meet in London’s West End after a day of shopping, me for Christmas presents for my family and Red for shoes and bags (now there’s a surprise).

Shopping done and feeling in need to take the weight off my feet I headed to Oxford Circus. Knowing that part on London well I headed for Argyle Street, home of the London Palladium. There’s a lovely pub there, the Argyle where thankfully I found an unoccupied table where I sat myself down with a pint of Spitfire.

When Red finally arrived I was quite taken aback as she looked more gorgeous in the flesh than in her many pictures that I have seen on the internet and on her website – After ordering her a large glass of white wine we sat and talked about our interest in BDSM, the fetish scene our love of vintage retro fashion and much more. Something else that we both have in common is being of a dominant persuasion.

Thank you Red for a wonderful day and it’s true what they say it certainly does take a redheaded woman.

My Gorgeous Friend Red Mistress

Originally Posted 26th January 2013
My New Gorgeous Friend Red Mistress

Well well would you believe it. After my vent on the 24th Jan 2013 regarding opening a business account for my website today I received a phone call from a lady informing me that her bank, one of the main high street ones will provide me with a business account. Kudos to them. The next step is trying to be able to take credit cards for payment. If this were to happen it will make my life a lot easier.

As I’m very happy at the minute I’d like to make those of you who read my blog happy too.  Here’s a picture of Red administering a hand spanking to the cute bare cheeks of a naughty girl makes you smile. And if the sight of Miss Red spanking a bottom doesn’t fill you with excitement I’ll eat my socks.

You can see more of Ms Red at Oh if only I could but Red sadly is pure Domme!