Category: Spanked Girls

Delilah Day

Delilah Day is a beautiful, sexy porn star who is incredibly intelligent and thoughtful. Clare Fonda records an insightful interview with her, in which Delilah talks about spanking (she only got one spanking growing up but enjoys it now in her sex life). Clare does a role-play spanking as her mom.

Sarah’s Summer Spanking

Sarah’s Summer Spankings pt3 While visiting her strict Aunt Dana, Sarah is a very naughty niece. All of her infractions earn her hard bare bottom spankings. CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE FREE PREVIEWS

Double Trouble

The Headmaster was NOT a happy bunny! Carter and Akroyd had been summoned to his office. Usually Miss Akroyd is naughty on her own but it looks like she has recruited a sidekick in Miss Carter, a known trouble causer in the year above. Miss Akroyd’s mouth got her into trouble again, whilst both young…

Good Times Bad Times Maid Times

Originally Posted: 22nd October 2012 Yesterday I had a wonderful day with my BFF who looked as gorgeous as ever and I’m sure she is getting prettier with every day that passes. Today however is going to be a sad one for sure. There are times during our life when events bring home that fact…

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