Lazy Lying Cara

In this custom film, Madame Samantha B and Cara Day are mother and daughter. Cara has failed for the third time in one month to do any of her chores. These were making her bed, putting her dirty clothes in the hamper, taking out the garbage, and feeding the dog. She has ignored them all, and not only that, she has lied about it because she knew that there would be a spanking punishment if she did this again.

She had been told to wait in the corner for Mom to call her over for her punishment. After a stern scolding, Cara is bent over and given 5 hard swats on her bare bottom with the wooden spoon for every missed chore meaning 25 hard swats in total. She is then told to bend over the chair, and given 24 licks with the leather strap for all the lies. Her punishment ends with a bar of soap placed in her mouth as she kneels, with hands on her head, naked from the waist down. This is a most fitting and humiliating way to end Cara’s time-out to reflect on her laziness and deceit.

Full Length High Quality version here