Bratty Matilda Spanked

Matilda Caesar has been brought along on a business trip to a nice hotel with her mom. It is the first time she is allowed to go on such an adventure to a swanky establishment and enjoys the hotel amenities. She enjoys it so much that she orders lots of room service and takes fancy drinks from the mini bar not realizing that they cost an extortionate amount! Mom, Miss Iceni is very upset to get a bill from the hotel and confronts her girl.

Cheeky girl Matilda Caesar quite a bad attitude about the whole affair. To end this nonsense, she is swiftly taken over the maternal lap for a good old-fashioned spanking. She continues to talk back so Mommy takes the leather paddle to her already sore bottom followed by the leather strap. Matilda is then made to sit on her sore bottom and finish the cake that she had ordered. She doesn’t want to since she feels so full already from all the expensive goodies but mommy doesn’t care. When she argues more she is pulled back over the lap for more spankings with the leather paddle.e waist down. This is a most fitting and humiliating way to end Cara’s time-out to reflect on her laziness and deceit.

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