It’s Hell Week for a potentially championship-winning high school cheerleader team. If she wants to remain Captain, Harley has to return to school with a well-drilled, disciplined squad with an outstanding routine. All is going very well for Harley. except for the new recruits, Alex and Linny, who didn’t seem to think anything else was involved in cheerleading except looking cute. After first practice, the girls are brought inside by a fuming Harley and given a dose of her temper. Infuriated at their laziness and attitude, Harley employs the disciplinary tactic that has worked so well for her over several seasons…

Alex and Linny, if they want to remain on the team, will undergo fiery spankings to their bottoms and get to experience Harley’s legendary leather paddle. Two very sore young ladies will return to the practice field tomorrow, knowing what will happen if they displease their Captain again

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