Lazy maid gets a spanking and caning

After careful deliberation Sarah has decided that Alora would benefit from joining her household for a short while. Essie is clearly not sure but perks up somewhat when Step Mommy says that she will let Essie administer the first spanking and explain the rules of the house to Alora. Alora is horrified to find out exactly what is going to happen, but as she does not want to lose her job, has no other choice but to comply.

Step Mommy Sarah trusts Essie to do exactly what she was told and things start quite well. Essie places Alora over her knee, and spanks her rather hard on her bare bottom. She also places Alora in the humiliating diaper position over the knee. Essie tells Alora she must have a medical examination which includes having her temperature taken in her bottom! Poor Alora knows this wasn’t part of the plan but isn’t really in any position to argue.

Fortunately for Alora, Step Mommy Sarah walks back in and confronts Essie. Essie and Alora are now both going to feel Step Mommies Sarah hard and heavy hand. They are out over the knee together and smacked long and hard.

This is a free video from Mommy Sarah Spanks, featuring a spanking scene performed by Sarah Stern Laura Lux and Essie

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