Slutty Ella Spanked By Stepmom

We are very excited to introduce another new spanking top, Lady Jose, to MommaSpankings. In this role, she is the stepmother to Ella Raine who has not taken to her new maternal figure at all. Ella has been continually disrespectful to her new stepmom as well as dressing very inappropriately. The Dutch stepmother will not put up with this kind of behavior any further and takes matters into her own hands by giving this naughty girl a well deserved, over-the-knee spanking across her bare buttocks.

Ella’s bottom turns a deep shade of crimson as it marks up from the stern, mean hand of Lady Jose. Next, the rude stepdaughter is given a paddling with her bare bottom crudely exposed over the couch until she is contrite and sorry for her poor behavior!

Full Length High Quality version here

 Bent over the headmaster's desk her school knickers are swiftly removed and she is spanked severely before suffering a sound bare bottom caning

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