Spank Date For Stevie And Reyna

Stevie and Reyna sit on the couch after meeting on a popular dating app. Talking about her love for spanking, Reyna confesses exactly how she likes to be put in her place. She has boldly brought toys on their first date, challenging Stevie to teach her a lesson. Stevie is happy to oblige, pulling Reyna across her lap. Pulling up her dress, Stevie begins to smack her pretty bottom. Reyna instructs Stevie in the way she like to have her bottom spanked.

Both girls giggle as the spanking play progresses, heat building on Reyna’s exposed Bottom. Stevie pulls her panties up into a tight wedgie, slapped her cheeks harder and harder. Caressing her swarming bouncing bottom, Stevie spreads her legs to for access to spank her pussy. Reyna moans as Stevie’s hand slaps between her legs, alternating between her bottom and pussy. She enjoys every swat, getting more aroused by the moment.

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