Toughen Up

Ever since Denali disgraced themselves in front of their crew by running away from a fight, they’ve been training as hard as they can. Today’s the day that big boss Scarlot is putting them through their paces, and they’re determined to take it like a champ. Scarlot approaches the task in true mob style: no holds barred, either physically or verbally. The other guys won’t hold back, so why should she?

The more Denali struggles, the clearer it becomes that Scarlot’s going to have to teach them a bit of self-control. And what better way than with a set of leather restraints and a truly devious toolbox? The disgraced recruit is tied up, paddled, cropped and beaten to within an inch of their tolerance, and left a crying mess on the practice mats. By the end, though, they’re back on their feet and able to take a few parting swats with a stoic face – and they’ve earned themselves one final chance to make good. Just so long as they’re not so much of a crybaby next time…

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