Her bottom and pussy fully exposed for a leather paddling

A long hot summer of spanking


This was filmed at last year’s Fetishcon starring one of our favorite performers we have worked with, Anastasia Rose. This story is not a reflection on her at all, but we wanted to make a light-hearted film of the occasional performer out there that let producers down… It’s a two-way street, as production companies are guilty of these many sins too. As we were filming in a generic hotel room it’s sometimes hard to come up with decent storylines – so treat it for what it is, an excuse to have Johnny spank Anastasia’s bare buttocks!

In this imaginary scenario… She turns up late and does not apologize to the producer, Johnny Lake. He has been waiting without her texting him of the situation… And her attitude stinks as she brushes off his concerns with a ‘whatever’ comeback. Johnny is having none of this and decides to really teach her a lesson as he drags her over the bed to spank her bare bottom. His hard hand soon turns Anastasia’s cheeks a bright burning red before placing her on all fours with her bottom and privates fully exposed for a leather paddling.

Anastasia’s reactions are priceless and she knows she has been thoroughly punished afterward. There’s a lot of great banter, humiliation (which she admits she finds hot), and a sore spanked bottom… What is there not to like?

These are a free video and images from Triple A Spanking, featuring a spanking scene performed by Anastasia Rose and Johnny Lake.

The cardinal is horrified to catch Mother Superior spanking and strapping the new novices bare backsides. There is only one thing to be done here and that is to give her a dose of her own medicine a hard spanking strapping and caning on her huge bare bottom

Early Morning Spankings

Early Morning Spankings

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