After Dinner Discipline – Naughty Christy Breaks A Yardstick On Her Bottom

Daddy was determined to break the yardstick on my bottom. I could see that sadistic sparkle in his eyes. I love it when Daddy’s eyes sparkle!! I giggled and playfully protested as Daddy hoisted my legs up over my head, in diaper position, exposing my jean clad bottom to the ouchy yardstick. Daddy spanked me hard in this position, each stroke of the ruler stung across my taut flesh making me squirm and yelp.

Once Daddy had finished with me in diaper position, he instructed me to stand up and bend over the edge of the bed. Further stinging stokes from Daddy’s unyielding yardstick rained down upon my tender peachy globes. Soon, I became unable to stand still and hold position; Daddy gave me a few more excruciating WHACKS, before telling me to clamber up on top of the bed, and present my bottom on all fours.

I did as I was told, knowing that these final strokes were going to be the hardest yet. I braced myself, my legs spread wide, my hands clenching the comforter…I swear Daddy was winding up for this last set of colossal swings! Each stroke of the yardstick seared into my fat little bottom, I gasped and yelped continually. I could feel my tears beginning to swell as Daddy lay into my bottom one final time, the mean ol’ yardstick met my bottom and promptly snapped in half! I giggled gleefully very proud of myself and my buns of steel.

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