Lexi Caught Trespassing

Lexi has been taking far too many liberties recently, using one of her neighbor’s backyards to make a shortcut home. However, her disrespect goes further as she has been told not to do this and she also leaves the gate open at times. Now she is caught once more trespassing on the private property of John who has reached out to her parents about this matter and they told him to discipline her as he sees fit if she continues to misbehave.

He scolds her and then drags her inside by her ear letting her know the update on the situation and how she is going to be spanked for her continual disrespect. Lexi complains, of course, but she is in the wrong and it isn’t long before she is over his lap receiving the spanking of a lifetime. He knows she is spanked on her bare bottom at home and proceeds to do the same, knowing full well how embarrassing it must be for her!

By now, Lexi’s bottom is turning red with shame and John, being an Englishman, lets her know that she will also receive the cane across her bare buttocks. This is her very first caning from anyone outside of school or home and she is apprehensive. Poor Lexi knows this will not be pleasant and is mortified as he tells her he won’t go lightly and gives her six of the very best! The dense rattan cane leaves red welts to remind her not to ever trespass on his property again!

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