My name is Robert and I am a married man in my mid-thirties. June and I have been married for five years and it has been a loving and fulfilling relationship. We both come from traditional backgrounds and since we married, we have lived by a strict set of rules, which I will explain in more detail later.

What I want to discuss in this letter is the fact that June disciplines me. I understand that this might sound strange, but it is something that we both agreed to when we got married. We agreed that if I ever did something wrong or something that she felt was inappropriate, then she would have the right to discipline me.

At first, I was a bit embarrassed by the idea of being disciplined by my wife. I was worried that people might think that I was weak or that I was being controlled by her. But after talking to her, I realised that it was something that we both wanted and that it was actually empowering for us both.

June usually disciplines me by spanking or caning me. She rarely uses anything else. This is done in private, usually in our bedroom. She starts by explaining why I am being disciplined and what the consequences will be if I do not change my behaviour. Then she will spank or cane me, depending on the severity of my behaviour.

The spanking is always done with her hand, and it can range from a gentle slap to a hard swat. The caning is done with a swishy cane, usually made of rattan, and it can also range from a gentle tap to a hard stroke. In either case, it is not a pleasant experience, but it is a necessary one.

I have found that this discipline has been very effective in keeping me on the right path. It helps me to remember to act appropriately and to think about my actions before I do something that might be wrong. I have also found that it helps me to feel closer to my wife, as she is the one who is disciplining me and helping me to stay on the right track.

I know that this might sound strange to some people, but for us it works. It has allowed us to have a strong and healthy marriage and has helped to keep us both on the same page. We both understand that this is something that we both agreed to when we got married and we both know that it has helped us to stay together and to be happy.

I hope that this letter has helped to give you a better understanding of how my wife and I have chosen to discipline me. I know that it is not something that everyone will agree with, but it has been working for us and has helped us to have a strong and healthy marriage.



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