Spanked By Mommy

Katie rings her good friend Sarah in despair and asks for her help in getting Morgan back under some kind of control. They hatch a plan. Morgan is a qualified career. That is when she bothers to work, Sarah claims to need some live-in help and offers a big cash incentive for Morgan to come and stay. Morgan arrives at Sarah’s and her attitude is dreadful. She lists all the things she will not do but is soon shocked to realize that she has walked into a trap.

She is given a choice, leave immediately or comply with the rules that Sarah will lay out for her. A horrified Morgan has little choice but to comply and soon finds herself over the knee getting a hard bare bottom spanking. She cannot believe that as a grown woman she is being treated in this way. Sarah makes it quite clear that as Morgan has been acting like a spoilt and entitled little brat, that she will be treated like one and will be dressing in little girls clothes.

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Barmaid severely thrashed with an assortment of implements including a paddle wicked rattan carpet beater and caneLinda reluctantly agrees to receive corporal punishment


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