Schoolgirl Seduction – Alex And Christy Caught Behind The Shed – Bare Bottom School Paddling – Video

Free video with Alex Reynolds and Christy Cutie Worst Behavior Productions.

Alex and Christy caught in big trouble at school. Sent to the punishment room for belt whippings and spankings at the hands of the cruel principal! Scolded for their shameful behavior before they are bent over the punishment bench one at a time. The Principals heavy hand is well practiced at punishing naughty girls. Cracking down hard on their panty covered bottoms, each girl has a turn to yelp and wiggle under the barrage that leaves her bottom cherry red. After a spanking, the Principals heavy belt belt beats fresh welts on their naughty bottoms and thighs.

Side by side, Christy and Alex are bent over the padded punishment bench. Alternating sets of swats blister their ripe cheeks. The Principals paddle cracks down smartly on each set of presented cheeks with equal fury. Christy is defiant and deemed the instigator. She is subjected to an extra twenty swats with the blistering Frat Paddle. Her angry and swollen globes flatten with each impact as she struggles to count and hold position. Both girls will have bruised bottoms to remind them for days to come.

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