Jayda’s Special Detention – Video

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Jayda Blayze returns in the latest episode from our special ‘Schoolgirl Detention’ series. Special detentions are reserved for the naughtiest girls; Those who do not fear regular discipline in class or the assigned punishments given by teachers during school hours. Jayda joins a unique group of young ladies who will experience the humiliation and utter embarrassment of being punished after school in a cold damp basement where no one can hear their punishments.

Arriving late for her detention Jayda is flustered and unprepared for what is coming. She has already upset Principal Osborne with her tardiness and she is completely unaware of what to expect but will find out shortly. After a ‘timeout’ with her hands on her head, Jayda is told to take the dreaded spanking over his lap. The principal does not hold back and gives this brat the hiding of her life as his hard hand relentlessly spanks her buttocks.

She whimpers as she squirms and wriggles in agony but this is only the beginning. When her knickers are pulled down Jayda is embarrassed. Her full round bare bottom is given a further hard hand spanking before the promised caning for the final part of the detention punishment. She is placed over the desk and the heavy rattan cane is used with severe precision, striking her cheeks again and again until she can not hold back the flood of tears.

By the end of the punishment, she is again told to stand back to the wall, hand on her head, as the tears of shame roll down her makeup-smudged face staining her cheeks. She knows she has been thoroughly punished and must sit out the rest of her detention with a sore aching spanked and caned bottom.

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