The Cane For A Cheat – Video

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Free video with Gemma, Lola and Sarah Stern from English Spankers.

Gemma has been accused of cheating in her Maths exam. The teacher Mrs Stern had requested that all students handed their mobile phones in before entering the examination hall. Not only had Gemma not complied, but she had lied and said that she had left her phone at home. Eagle eyed Mrs Stern spotted Gemma using her phone and it seemed like she was conversing with another student Lola. Both girls are marched out of the examination and told to wait outside the Headmasters office.

Mrs Stern explains the situation to the Head who then calls both girls in to hear what exactly they have to say for themselves. They are contrite but it is obvious that the rules have been broken and that this cannot go unpunished. The Head gives the girls a choice, they can be expelled, or they can be caned. They both reluctantly agree to the cane. Lola is told to wait outside the office whilst Gemma receives her punishment.

The Head feels that 12 strokes of a thin and whippy cane applied over her tight jeans should make Gemma think twice about cheating in the future and requests that Gemma be punished in front of him. Gemma feels that 12 strokes is to harsh and foolishly tries to argue her case. The Head immediately ups the number of strokes to 18 and a contrite Gemma decides the best way forward is to take her punishment without complaint. She is bent over the desk and informed that she must look at her Headmaster whilst the cane is applied to her denim clad bottom.

Mrs Stern is no stranger to the cane and knows how to apply hard and accurate cane strokes. The Head makes comment after each stroke and can clearly see just how much discomfort they are causing. When the punishment is complete it is decided that the jeans should be removed so that Mrs Stern can see how effective her punishment was. Gemma has some lines and welts but the Head decides that she should have some more and that this time they should be applied to her bare bottom.

Poor Gemma has no choice but to accept and has to endure another 18 hard cold cane strokes. Each is expertly applied and leaves it’s mark. Lola is standing outside the office and can hear exactly what is happening to her friend and is terrified of what she will soon have to receive. When this painful and prolonged punishment is finally over Gemma is instructed to leave the room and tell Lola to come in. A distraught Gemma shows a horrified Lola her welted bottom and wishes her friend luck as she is going to need it.

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