Sunday School Jodhpurs Jeopardy

The girls had been especially excitable as they had a pre-planned Sunday School trip riding ponies, and the four rude madams, Alora Lux, Essie Quinn, Dolly Mattel, and Faerie Willow had disrupted church services earlier. This hasn’t gone unnoticed and the church verger, John Osborne, enlists nurse Matthews (who was in attendance) to assist him in disciplining them all. The girls are summoned nearby to The Priory and are waiting dressed in their riding jodhpurs, boots, and white shirts… Unsure as to why they are not riding their ponies! They are scolded and told they won’t be needing their jodhpurs today as they are to be spanked and punished severely for shaming themselves in Morning Mass.

What follows is a humiliating ritual of bare bottom punishments and pious religious scoldings. The girls are spanked, caned, and given a painful birching by both the stern nurse and the upset verger. This is a visual treat with great punishments, fantastic facial reactions, camera angles capturing all the action… And, of course, jiggling bared booties freed from the tight confines of those riding jodhpurs.

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