Tag: Hairbrush

Introducing Amy Fox

Alex Reynolds, Amy Fox

Say Hi to our very good friend Amy, making her debut for Northern Spanking today. Wearing a lovely vintage dress, watch as a disbelieving young lady is hauled across Alex’s lap for a spanking. First it’s just Alex’s hand smacking naughty Amy, but this is soon followed by a very solid hairbrush. The result? A very sorry young lady, with a very sore little bottom, made to stand in the corner to contemplate her errant behavior. Films with Amy to follow soon!

Rachel’s Poor Report

This is the latest in our “Bratty Stepdaughter” series of films, a traditional spanking film starring two popular performers at AAA; Miss Bernadette and Rachel Adams. Rachel has never taken to her new stepmother and is rude, arrogant, and dismissive of her until she pushes her too far. The latest report from school is appalling; low grades, disruptive in class, and punished by the teaching staff. Rachel twiddles her hair… rolls her eyes and shows even more disrespect than usual for Bernadette. She is pulled across the maternal lap and spanked hard over her jeans but that is just the start of Rachel’s embarrassing punishment. She is told to remove her jeans and receives a further spanking across her reddening bottom. Tears start to well up in her eyes as she is reminded that the hairbrush is next and after several humiliating attempts at being told to request a spanking with it, the hairbrush whacking begins! Now Rachel feels the dreaded sting of the brush, leaving her in a flood of tears as she is reminded who is boss in this household.


Enough is Enough

Daddy is at the end of his tether with his unruly girl, Helen. Try as he does, she treats him like the hired help… using him as a taxi service, a personal ATM, and of course… a doormat for her childish tantrums. To top it off, her attitude at school with worsening grades and late attendance reports has meant he finally puts his foot down! No more Mr. Nice Guy with this brat… “enough is enough!” Helen knows the score and the embarrassing early bedtime (it’s still a beautiful evening outside) is the least of her worries. Her concerns are valid as this means a spanking punishment, and not just any spanking… daddy really means it this time and gives her the tanning of her life with his hard hand. The pajama bottoms are unceremoniously pulled down and her bare bottom is mercilessly spanked as her quivering buttocks quickly turn a shameful hue of crimson. Then he swaps his mean hand for the stinging swats of the dreaded hairbrush. Her bottom is furiously paddled with the brush before Helen is left, fully ashamed, to collect herself and learn to be far more respectful to others… and especially to dad!