If you’ve visited my website before you will know that it has a mixture of general spanking, female domination. There’s also a few snippets relating to my personal life. I’ve been thinking about what I want this site to be and I’ve decided to keep it as it is. My main interest is in spanking, the spanking of female bare bottoms which is for me a very enjoyable pastime. There is nothing as nice as seeing a pair of unblemished feminine bare buttocks become a deep shade of red. But… Although I am not submissive I do have a passion for dominant women and mistresses. I’m particularly fond of those that dress and act with poise and elegance.

This doesn’t mean that every dominant woman does it for me. Every red-blooded male has a passion for a certain type of woman and I am no different. For example, I find Miss Courtney, Eve Harper, Heather Divine, Eleise de Lacy and Governess Elizabeth very attractive. If I were a single man which I’m not, desirable. There are many I wouldn’t touch with a bargepole or look at with a blindfold on but those shall remain nameless.

I’ve also decided to add an update page each time I add material to the site and this post is the first of many, unless I get bored and have a change of heart.

This post’s main image is Miss Courtney courtesy of my friends at The English Mansion



Mistress Eleise de Lacy uses her slave as a fuck toy. The slave is made to polish his Mistress’ rubber stockings and latex-clad bottom. She then sets about making his arse sore inside and out with some CP and her large strap-on cock. His climax is reached with a little help from Mistress Eleise’s sweet champagne




The prisoner had been shackled to the beating post for so long. He had forgotten there was anything more to life than merely attempting to survive the repeated beatings he received from passing guards. Today was no exception as the two booted officers gave him a severe ball busting with heavy punches and kicks from all angles! The face slaps, spit and verbal attacks were relentless until he was finally left alone again, in a sorry heap on the floor.

Four new galleries from Mistress Sidonia’s English Mansion