The Fem Dom Party

Back in the day of my time as editor of Kane Magazine Josie and I was invited to many events and parties. One of these was spanking party at a secret location in Stoke Newington. Our latest invitation had come from the notorious Mike Dyer of Two Kings fame. The party was fun. Lots of female bare bottoms to take over my knees to spank a deep shade of red. Lots of gorgeous ladies to have take their knickers down for a bare bottom caning.

To my surprise quite a few of the girls I already knew, Natasha (AKA Dublin O’brien), Sally and Sally Cavendar. Both of these ladies had featured in the Top Marks Videos that Josie and I made. Angie, a girl I was introduced to made a huge impression on me. She was adorable and had the cutest bottom imaginable. I spent quite sometime with this adorable woman draped over my knees. Spanking away at her gorgeous bare buttocks, much to the envy of a Mr. Symes who wanted to spank her too.

When the spanking of these ladies came to an end I thought that was the end of the day. How wrong I was. Everyone made their way upstairs to a room that was made to look like a dungeon. Now it was time for the ladies to get their revenge. Sounds of male bare bottoms being thrashed filled the room. Wicked rattan canes, leather straps and paddles played a resounding tune on up turned male bottoms. Natasha, Sally and the newly acquainted Angie were in their element. Thrashing away mercilessly at the rear-ends of the men who not so long ago had been spanking and caning them.

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