Introducing Ophelia Fox

Please welcome another stunning newcomer, Ophelia Fox, to Triple A. In the best traditions, with Miss Matthews eager to spank this Texan beauty, it was decided to test her in a few awesome spanking positions. As always, and without fanfare or too much dialogue, we begin with the classic OTK position. Ophelia is draped over a stern-looking Miss Matthews and the spanking of her flawless bottom begins.

Ophelia has been spanked before so this is a debut performance to test her limits and what she can take. The OTK spanking across her bare bottom follows before she is placed into the Wheelbarrow position for her second revealing spanking. Ophelia is not shy and appears to relish and enjoy the attention she receives from Clara. This is a hot sexy spanking that has several camera angles catching everything for our viewing pleasure!

Finally, Clara has Ophelia straddle herself over the bed, arching her back, legs spread for a further spanking by hand… And a leather strap. Ophelia is such a sight for sore eyes due to the fact her pert bottom has also turned a delicious shade of crimson to compliment her shocking red hair! We hope you enjoy this all-female film that we made just for the sake of our favorite pastime… Spanking!

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