Lazy Kat Spanked By Mom

Smiling Kat doesn’t take much seriously nowadays but that is all about to change! Her mom had asked her to grab some extra groceries on the way home. Lazy Kat forgot and all that she produced was a mushy old banana that she found in her car that was given to her previously for a snack at school. Mom is annoyed that Kat thinks this is all a bit of a joke. Since she won’t take anything seriously anymore, perhaps a spanking over the maternal lap might change her mind.

Kat has plenty of ‘Smart Alec’ remarks in reply to the scolding which only infuriates her mom more as the tight cheer panties are pulled down and the naughty girl’s bouncing behind is spanked harder. Silly Kat still thinks this is still not necessary so she is told to go fetch the wooden hairbrush located on the bedside table before taking her position over the stern maternal lap once more. Mom leglocks the lazy madam since she likes to squirm and at last the heavy, mean wooden implement leaves its mark across the impertinent daughter’s bare buttocks.

Despite the punishment, Kat deals with the fact her bottom is sore and throbbing by pretending it didn’t matter… But she is told to go fetch the groceries and that car ride will be most uncomfortable!

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