Kelli Rae has gotten herself into a world of trouble and she’s gonna have to borrow money again from her Big Brother, this time to the tune of $3,000! Big Bro is none too pleased with her request, he feels that she’s irresponsible and much of that is based from her not getting enough corporal punishment before she left home a few years before. Sure, she took a few hard spankings at home, but more often she would start crying right away and she’d get out of the hard spankings that she deserved.

And the lessons that she would have learned. Well, if Big Bro is going to lend Kelli that type of cash, she’s going to have to take a thorough spanking that she remembers for a long time, and that’s where our story starts, with Kelli taking a fast and furious hand spanking that has her struggling right from the start. Soon her fancy yoga pants come down and there she is, bare bottom in front of Big Bro, having to take an extremely embarrassing spanking so she can pay off her debts.

To make matters worse, Kelli is made aware that Big Bro grabbed several implements from the home that they grew up in to put them to good use. Truly this will be a day that Kelli Rae never forgets! After the hand spanking, the heat gets turned up a notch as Kelli takes burning strokes from the riding crop, and then her butt gets sizzled with a split tailed leather strap! Next, a leather paddle is used on her glowing cheeks and then a billet strap that Big Bro found in the family barn is used to make a lasting impression on the wayward girl.

Big Bro designed this negotiation to discourage Kelli from borrowing money again, that’s why he also delivers a paddling with a lexan paddle, a strapping with a Canadian prison strap, and tear jerking licks with the rubber strap with holes. Her bottom hurt so much. To drive his point home, Kelli also has to endure swats with a lexan paddle with holes as well as swats with a hard wooden paddle. Kelli is left with a sore, swollen, and welted bottom thanks to her Big Bro, and despite the painful spanking that she was subjected to, she still loved him.

After all, that’s her Big Bro. Look for a Bonus Scene that features six of the hardest strokes that we’ve ever given with the rubber strap as you can clearly see the impressions left on the bare behind of Kelli Rae:)

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