In another fabulous custom film, Christina Carter plays Sarah’s long-suffering mother. Sarah thinks she has the house to herself as mom usually gets home late from work. What Sarah isn’t aware of is the new Door Ring Camera on the front door which reveals who approaches and enters the house and at what time with all this information sent to Christina’s phone. Gotta love technology, eh? As it happens, Mom comes home early from her shift and finds Sarah having sex with a woman she had seen entering the house not too long ago via the Ring.

It doesn’t matter, man or woman, Sarah is not allowed to have sex with anyone while she is living in Mom’s house. She reminds Sarah that it is ‘her house and her rules’. Sarah is told to get her clothes on and get into the living room where she is dealt with like the naughty girl she is. Sarah brats and complains throughout, getting spanked on her bare bottom. She kicks her legs, pouts, continuing to whine as Mommy’s hand continues to spank her bottom hard. This behaviour upsets Mother further so she uses a leather strap that Sarah is made to retrieve where she is given 15 good swats of the implement before being sent to her bedroom in shame.