No Boys Allowed – While The Boyfriend Is Away, The Girls Will Play – Part 1

Stevie’s boyfriend is out of town and she is having a sleepover with a girlfriend. Dressed up in pretty lingerie, they are soon giggling and playing with one another. Soon intertwined in a passionate kiss they are looking forward to a night with no interruptions. They can barely keep their hands off each other, touching and kissing deeply. Bending over in front of Stevie, Reyna temps her with her soft round bottom. ‘Lets play a spanking game’ starting with playful slaps, Stevie admits that she is regularly spanked by her boyfriend.

Reyna is happy to crawl over Stevie’s lap for swats from her sexy friend. Rolling the dice for the number of swats, Reyna gets her round bottom and pussy spanked. Her panties come down after a lengthy hairbrush spanking. Her bare bottom jiggles in between caresses as Stevie takes full advantage of her access. Stevie’s top comes off, playing with her nipples as she takes the hairbrush to Reyna’s bare bottom. After a bit more pussy spanking, they begin to kiss and caress, undressing more and playing with each others bare breasts.

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Marcus was furious and solves the problem in the good old-fashioned time honoured way with a spanking.

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